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After you place your order for the American Spirit subscription. A Rotary member will contact Gopher One Call and submit a ticket with our preferred placement of the receptacle, during this time all utility companies will come out to your home and mark the locations of their utilities (electric, phone, cable…). This is the best time for you to mark your sprinkler, lamp post electric line, and underground pet fence, if you have any. Once we receive an all clear notice back from Gopher One (usually within 48 hours), we will send out an installation team.

The installation is a 15″ long pipe that will be pounded into the ground, flush with the ground, the only thing you may see is a white cap, about one inch in diameter, used to keep dirt and water out of the pipe.

On Flag holidays, a Rotary Team or partner will place a flag in the receptacle by 8 am and remove the flag in the evening.

All we ask of you is if you are asked by a neighbor, friend, family or anyone else, that you tell them where they can sign up.

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