Let the Rotary Club help you show your...

Support of the Troops

Love of your Community

Love of our Country

This is a service our Club has developed to provide an opportunity for Americans to show pride in their country. Proceeds from “The American Spirit” are donated to organizations aiding local youth in our communities.

For a fee of $48/6 days the North St Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale Rotary Club volunteers will place a 3’ by 5’ American flag on a 10ft pole in front of your home on six holidays.

Volunteers install flags by 8 a.m. and remove them the evening of the flag day. You do not have to be present. The Rotary Club is responsible for replacement of any flag soiled, damaged or stolen as well as storing the flags throughout the year.

Please join your neighbors by subscribing to this patriotic and colorful program.